Custom Software/Web Development

Creating custom software solutions since 1993 we provide you with the complete package.

Beginning with the DESIGN phase, we sit down with you to determine the best solution to your problem. We do our best to provide you with multiple approaches that take into account different factors such as cost, time frame for deployment, and choices of technology (supporting hardware and software).


Moving through to the DEVELOPMENT phase is where the actual software is created. In tight iterations we move the program through a coding->testing->refining process so that the final product matches what you actually need.

What we have found over the years is that a project definition and design should evolve. Sticking strictly to an inital design document without going back to the customer at regular intervals to adjust the design often leads to a product which does not satisfy the customer's needs.


Finally we get to DEPLOYMENT. This stage includes both installation and training as necessary. For a project destined for commercial sale we include additional services for packaging design and marketing strategies consultation.


Our commitment to you doesn't end with delivery of the product. We take an active role in maintaining and further enhancing the software to meet changing demands.